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I've lost my password

by pisuxana

About rottenhayato

This is part five of the true to life tale between my cousin Marie and I many years ago when we would travel together from Minnesota to my Bio-Dads (BD) house in Arizona.

Today was one of the rare days BD didn't have to work, normally that would have brought me great joy as in past trips those were the days where we got to have the most fun. This...however was a different trip, and my focus was most certainly elsewhere. BD not having work meant that Marie and me “Play” time would be zilch for the daytime at least.

We went out for breakfast, discussing what we were planning to do that day. BD talked about wanting to take a trip down deeper into Mexico than we had previously, possibly to a town right on the Baja California to a resort he had heard of, but that wouldn't be until the next week or so.

BD wanted to head to a car wash and do a thorough cleaning inside and out. So we headed out after he paid the bill. We drove over to a self service car wash near the apartments and started cleaning out the garbage.

I had hauled a box full of trash and unnecessary papers to the bin and was coming back when I noticed Marie bent over behind the truck...I stopped in my tracks. I was awestruck by her ass in the tight jean shorts she had chosen. They clung to her curves and accentuated every feature. The seam hugged her ass and created a valley when she bent over. I wanted to walk over, rip them off, and fuck her across the tailgate. I was so lost in thought I didn't notice BD walk over next to me.

“Nice view huh?” I damn near jumped out of my skin….did I really hear what I thought I heard him say?

Thankfully before I decided to speak I glanced back and noticed I was sent a saving grace...a few stalls down from us, almost directly behind Marie, was two teenage girls with their mom cleaning out a car, and one had a black thong sticking up out of the back of her jeans, that was definitely a site I would normally stare at and it saved me from some interesting questions by BD.

I grunted in approval and smiled and went back to cleaning, my aching cock rubbing against my boxers, aching for a girl…..and it didn't matter that she was my cousin, it didn't matter that she was not protected. My body, my mind, wanted her, to be in her, and to feel her squeeze my cock like she had squeezed my finger. I wanted to cum with her.

After cleaning out the junk, I was given another beautiful site as Marie and I moved on to washing the car, she thought it would be cute to spray me instead of the car, well two can play that game.

I grabbed a nearby sprayer and got her back, but I didn't think, but instead reacted. As the stream from my sprayer hit her, I saw both the shock on her face and also the results of water on a white tank top. Instantly it became a level of see thru that was not glaring, but you could see more than you should have. She looked down and got an evil look on her face, I knew I was in for payback later.

We went home to relax for a few hours before we were going to head off to the mall to do some shopping with BD. Tonight there was a festival in the downtown area we were going to attend.

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