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watch joker online free
by Joker10

About watch joker online free

watch joker online free 1080p Full HD
watch joker online free, Joker is an American psychological thriller, co-written and directed by Todd Phillips, released in 2019. It tells, in an original story, the transformation of Arthur Fleck into Joker, a dangerous psychopathic killer who will become the biggest enemy of Batman.

The film is presented in official competition at the Venice Film Festival 2019 where he receives the Golden Lion and is ovationné.

True triumph at the box office, and enjoying rave reviews, it creates a controversy, especially in the United States, because of accusations of apology for violence, which remains disputed by the director. The acting of Joaquin Phoenix is particularly appreciated.

The story takes place in 1981, in Gotham City. Arthur Fleck works in a clown agency. Despised and misunderstood by those who face him, he leads a dreary life on the margins of society and lives in a shabby building with his mother Penny. One night, he is assaulted on the subway by three alcoholic men who brutalize him, pushing him to kill them in return. His gesture inspires a part of the population the idea of also attacking the powerful; Arthur gradually turns into madness and ends up becoming the Joker, a dangerous psychotic killer suffering from hallucinations.

Detailed summary watch joker online free
Arthur Fleck is a man suffering from mental disorders pushing him, in particular, to laugh unintentionally, often at inconvenient times. He dreams of becoming a comedian, his mother having always assigned to him to “give the smile and make people laugh in this dark and cold world”. In fact, he only feels sadness in his life, even when working as a clown to support himself and his mother Penny. Gotham City is on the brink of chaos, unemployment, crime and the financial crisis, leaving much of the population in misery.

One day, he is assaulted by a group of young people who steal his advertising sign; his employer accuses him of having invented this episode and orders him to return the sign. One of his colleagues, Randall, gives him a gun so that he can defend himself against the attackers. At the same time, Arthur meets Sophie, a single mother living in the same building, whom he stealthily follows to his work before inviting him to his next show.

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