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by Suppa flexx

About SpotLightShadow

Surprise suprise good people 💯🔥😲Have you guys Realised that When days Are dark people dissapear. Some enjoy life.people turn Up at Parties .?"Spotlight shadow" has all kinds of Emotions , there are a lot of people who are still searching for the light , There Are a lot of people who wishes to find happiness or who wishes that the Sun would shine on them again.I want people To Understand what music is , .Its not all about making everything to be sad or make something Happy ..U have to be You.on this album I made something extraordinary that everyone will love .. .i made sad Songs Nd Happy songs. on this Album i pulled out My Heart and expressed my Art .I promise that this Album will Speak to Different kinds of People with A Diffrent Taste And messages .suicide thoughts down. PEACE

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2 months ago
3 times
Rap and Hip-Hop

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